Volvo XC90 2003-2006 Bluetooth aux auxiliary add-on input module

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Add Bluetooth audio capability while retaining factory sound system functionality.

Easily add Bluetooth audio capability to your factory Volvo sound system while retaining all of the functionality and features of the original system including CD changers, radio bands, etc. Works with all XC90 factory sound systems, single CD/CD changer, NAV/DVD etc. 

Easy installation, no configuration, wiring modifications, tap-ins, dash removal, etc. required.

Remanufactured OEM antenna tuner/amplifier module with added Bluetooth capability replaces existing module (above rear hatch). Plug-and-play installation: Unlike other aux-in solutions, no wiring changes, wire routing, or dashboard disassembly are required, and unlike other solutions no MOST bus reconfiguration, disabling of CD player or radio, etc. is required. Ideal for music, podcasts, satellite radio or any other streaming audio, simply connect via Bluetooth and enjoy CD-quality sound through your car's audio system.

- Includes OEM antenna/tuner module with APT-X* enabled Bluestream™ module installed. Provides seamless integration with existing audio system features and eliminates any need for wiring modifications dashboard disassembly, etc.

- Easy pairing with automatic re-connection on vehicle restart.

- Ideal for Bluetooth enabled audio players, Sirius/XM radio receivers etc. Can also be paired with most Bluetooth transmitters to provide a wired aux-in connection.

- APT-X* offers CD-quality audio performance with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.

*APT-X is a trademark of Qualcomm Corp..

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