Vertex VX VPL-1 RS-232 Portable / Mobile Universal Radio Programming Cable

Vertex VX VPL-1 RS-232 Portable / Mobile Universal Radio Programming Cable

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Programming Cable for most Standard HX- series Hand-Held Transceivers
Connects directly to PC serial port, no special programmer/adapter required!
High-quality replacement for the discontinued VX-VPL-1 (VXVPL-1) programming cable, includes two pigtail adapters as shown: CT-126 equiv. for mobiles, and 2.5mm (3/32") for portables.

Pin-compatible with all other Vertex 6-pin DIN male radio pigtails including the CT-70, CT-91, CT-97, CT-105, CT-115, CT-126, CT-28A, CT-29A, VX VPL-2070, etc.

Unlike other cables, no RIB (Radio Interface Box), batteries or 25-pin adapter is required, this connects directly to PC or laptop serial port.
This cable has a unique proprietary RIB chip built in to connector shell.
For Vertex VX-series portable and mobile radios including:

VX-351 VX-354
VX-414 VX-417 VX-424 VX-427 VX-427A
VX-510 VX-537
VX-800 VX-821 VX-824 VX-829
VX-900 VX-921 VX-924 VX-929
VX-2100 VX-2200
VX-4000 VX-4104 VX-4107 VX-4204 VX4207
VX-5500 VX-6000 VX-7000 VX-7100 VX-7200
VXR-7000 VXR-9000
(Some models may require additional Vertex pigtail cables)

DSUB-9 (9 pin) RS-232 serial connector with 6 pin female DIN connector, no adapter or batteries required. Length 32"
This is a brand new, tested and guaranteed-to-work cable. No software is included with this cable - Programming software is readily available online.
Quality North American-manufactured product with a full life-time replacement warranty. Unlike some inexpensive imported cables, this cable works with ALL software versions (DOS, Windows, etc.) and won't risk damaging your radio or providing marginal programming results.

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