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Universal Remote Control UEI URC JP2.1 PC Programming Cable

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Programming Cable for UEI Universal Remote Control (UEI URC) "JP2.1" type remotes.
Connects directly to PC serial port - no adapter required.
This cable has the correct, small 5-pin male connector (with pins) that will fit all JP2.1 remotes with the 5-pin in-line socket.
Works great with Windows based JP1 remote customization software such as "IR" and "KM" - available online from various forums.
Unlike some other cables, no 25-pin serial port adapter is required, this connects directly to PC or laptop.
For all UEI / URC universal remotes with the 5-pin "JP2.1" female header (usually at the bottom end), including:

Cox UEI URC-8820BC0 URC-8820BC1 etc.
(Note: Older remotes with the 6-pin connector marked "JP1" or "JP1.x" only require a SKU 33402 or 33403 cable)
DB-9 (9 pin) serial connector, no adapter or batteries required. Length 32"
This is a brand new, tested and guaranteed-to-work cable.
No software is included with this cable. The "IR" and "KM" applications are readily available online at no cost.
Quality North American-manufactured professional-grade product with a full life-time replacement warranty.

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