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Tree mounting bracket for solar panel, wind generator, antenna, off-grid cabin etc

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Engineered for live-tree mounting

TreeSaver is a tree-safe and virtually maintenance-free attachment system for live-tree mounting of solar panels, antenna- and wind turbine masts, area lighting, radio/satellite/telemetry antennas, equipment and cabling.

Permanent, cost-effective solution

TreeSaver is designed to withstand the most extreme wind and snow load conditions. Optimized tri-point attachment geometry using patented high-strength fasteners provides exceptional load bearing and torsional stability.  Unlike other solutions, TreeSaver will not move as the tree grows - eliminating adjustment or remounting for the service life of most installations. TreeSaver will accommodate tree growth of up to 4” (10cm) diameter before any adjustment is required.


Non-engineered mounting methods like lag-bolted or through-bolted angle iron, pipe, strapping etc. require regular inspection or adjustment and can harm or even kill live trees. TreeSaver was designed with tree health and growth dynamics in mind. Minimally invasive, inert mounting hardware supports continued tree health over the life of the installation. If adjustment or even remounting is ever required, TreeSaver can use the original attachment points, minimizing any impact on the tree.

Tree-canopy installation of solar and communications equipment can often eliminate the need for tree removal or tree topping altogether - providing excellent cost savings and improved site aesthetics.

 Quality, North American made, lifetime warranty

TreeSaver is machined from heavy gauge steel and hot-dip galvanized for maximum environmental durability. If any component of TreeSaver ever fails to perform as expected, regardless of  application or environment, we will replace it at no cost (excl. shipping).


- TreeSaver™ adjustable bracket for trees 6-24" with hardware
- Includes lower attachment point for solar panel support structure (stand-off spacer, Grade 5 hardened bolt)
- Stand-off spacers and Grade 5 hardened attachment bolts
 - Mounting template showing exact fastener placement for quick mounting
- Countersink drill bit (with impact drive compatible shank) for stand-off spacers
 - Installation guide with parts list for required locally-sourced solar panel frame components*

* Solar panel mounting structure shown uses locally-sourced structural components depending on solar panel sizes.

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