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Tait TM8100 TM8200 TM8250 TM9100 TM9400 etc Mobile Radio Power / Speaker Cable (30-50W)

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Power Cable for Tait TM8100 TM8200 TM9100 TM9300 TM9400 series mobile radios (30-50W models)

Special 4-pin connector with 12 AWG. marine-grade cable for termination (approx 20").
Complete with speaker connection pigtail installed, great for adding an external speaker to your installation.
For Tait TM8000, TM9000 series models 30W-50W (with BLACK power connector) including:
TM8000, TM8100, TM8105, TM8110, TM8115, TM8124, etc.
TM8200, TM8235, TM8250, TM8252, TM8254, TM8255, TM8260, etc.
TM9000, TM9100, TM9300, TM9400 series (30W-50W models)
TM9134, TM9135, TM9154, TM9155, TM9160, etc.
TM9355, TM9345, TM9455, TM9457, etc.
Note: For TM8000, TM9000 series 25W radios with a WHITE power connector use SKU 43838 instead
Guaranteed to fit perfectly. Built with original OEM parts, not questionable knock-offs.
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