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Tait T2000 T2010 T2020 T2030 / Ericsson Panther Radio Power / Speaker Cable

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Top quality replacement power cable for all Tait 2000 series mobile radios.
Special 7-pin Tait connector with 14 ga. marine-grade cable for termination (approx 20").
Pre-wired for both internal AND external speaker, cable has jumper installed for internal speaker, and an additional pigtail connection for connecting an external speaker. Perfect for adding an external speaker to your installation.
Not prone the overheating, sparking and intermittent connection issues commonly affecting loose-fitting imported aftermarket cables.
Built with quality 14ga UL rated cable and genuine OEM parts (not thin 16-18ga wire and "wiggly" counterfeit connectors).

For Tait T2000 series mobile radios, including:
Tait T2000 T2010 T2015 T2020 T2025 T2030 T2035 T2040 etc.

Also for GE/Ericsson/ComNet:
Panther 200M (GM200 models)
Panther 400M (GM400 models)
Panther 600M / 605M (GM600 models)

Guaranteed to fit perfectly. Made with brand-new, original OEM parts - not questionable knock-offs.
Lifetime guarantee on all cable products.
Buy any quantity of any of our cables for a single shipping charge.

Quick delivery to Australia/NZ - typically 5-7 days by airmail!

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