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Ritron DTX JMX JBS SST PBS RRX RQX Radio Programming Cable

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Programming Cable for Ritron Patriot JMX JBS SST PBS etc UHF/VHF Portable Radios and Base Stations
Connects directly to PC serial port, no special programmer/adapter required!
High-quality, High-performance replacement for Ritron Patriot programming cable and adapter. (p/n 21470 plus 21471 adapter, etc)

Unlike most other cables, no RIB (Radio Interface Box), batteries or 25-pin adapter is required, this connects directly to PC or laptop.
This cable has a unique proprietary RIB chip built into the connector shell.

For all Ritron Patriot and Jobcom portable, repeater and base station radios programmed through the 3.5mm speaker/mic jack, including:

Jobcom JBX-, JMX-, etc. series Portable Radios
Patriot RTX-, SST-, SLX-, etc. series Portable Radios
Patriot PBS-, Jobcom JBS-, etc. series Base Stations
Patriot RRX- series Repeaters
DTX-150 (DTX150), DTX-450 (DTX450) data radios
RQX- series Call Boxes, etc.

DB-9 (9 pin) serial connector, no adapter or batteries required. Length approx 36"
This is a brand new, tested and guaranteed-to-work cable.
No software is included with this cable - Programming software is readily available online.
Quality North American-made product with full lifetime warranty

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