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Midland Syntech XTR VHF UHF Mobile Radio Power Cable

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Power Cable for all Midland VHF UHF Syntech, XTR, etc. mobile radios.
Complete assembly with 14 ga. marine-grade leads for termination (approx 20").
Standard loopback connections installed for internal speaker and CTCSS functionality, can easily be reconfigured for external speaker use and/or "off-hook" detection.

Fits all Midland Syntech and XTR radios with the rear 9-pin power/accessory connector, including:
All models, incl. A/B/C/D/E/CWB etc:

70-0351, 70-0355, 70-0371, 70-0375
70-0501, 70-0502, 70-0521, 70-0522, 70-0551, 70-0552
70-0557, 70-0561, 70-0562, 70-0567

All models incl. A/B/C/D/E/AX/AXL/BX/BXL etc:
70-1066A, 70-1066B, 70-1070A, 70-1070B, 70-1075A, 70-1075B
70-1336A, 70-1336B, 70-1340A, 70-1340B, 70-1342A, 70-1342B
70-1395A, 70-1395B, 70-1440A, 70-1440B, 70-1442A, 70-1442B
70-1495A, 70-1495B, 70-1526A, 70-1526B, 70-1530A, 70-1530B
70-1532A, 70-1532B, 70-1595A, 70-1595B, 70-1630 A/B/C/D
70-1632A, 70-1632B, 70-1695A, 70-1695B

All models, incl. A/B etc:
70-3421, 70-3422, 70-3851, 70-3852
70-4421, 70-4422, 70-4427, 70-4851, 70-4852, 70-4857
70-5301, 70-5302, 70-6301, 70-6302, 70-6307
70-0700, 70-1500, 70-2500, 70-4050, 70-4120, 70-8030, 70-8100

Note: Midland radios have a band designator (A,B,C,D...) after the model number, as in 70-1336A, etc.
This works with ALL Midland low/mid power radios with the 9-pin rear power connector.
Brand new cable. Quality OEM parts, not questionable knock-offs.
Buy any number of additional cables at the same low price, no extra shipping required.
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