Midland STM-1000 STM-4000 series High Power Radio Power Cable

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Power Cable for Midland STM-1000/4000 and Aselsan High Power Mobile Radios
High-quality, high-performance replacement for the discontinued Midland 90-0045 power cable.
12 AWG UL-rated marine grade cable. Length approx. 20" for termination to fused distribution block or similar.

For Midland STM series high-power (100W) mobile radios with the 4-pin twist-lock bayonet type power connector, including:

STM-1050 (STM1050), STM-1050A/B, STM-1055A/B, etc.
STM-1115 (STM1115A/B) etc.
STM-4040 (STM4040), STM-4040A/B, STM-4045A/B, etc.

Also: Aselsan 4700 series mobile radios

Built with marine grade UL-rated cable and original OEM-spec connectors, not questionable Chinese knock-offs.
Quality North American-manufactured product with a life-time replacement warranty.

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