Midland Base Tech II III, Icom OPC9000, VHF UHF Radio Repeater USB Programming Cable

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Programming cable for all Midland Base Tech II, III, Icom, Kyodo, Icom IC-FR9000 etc VHF UHF base radios / repeaters.
Connects to PC USB port. No adapters, external power supplies, etc required. Quality replacement for Midland 71-1303(A) (RS-232), 91-1303B (USB), Icom OPC9000 OPC-9000 etc. programming cables.

For Midland and Icom, and other Japanese-made repeaters with the rear DSUB 9-pin (female) programming connector, including:

Midland/Securicor Base Tech II, III (all models)
Icom IC-FR9010 and IC-FR9020 (FR-9010 and FR-9020) repeaters
Kyodo KG510 KG110 PS110 MT110 KF150 KF450 etc (incl. Kyodo West, Key)
Nokia BSR series 
Plettac Grundig GCD Movitalk 510, Sawtron etc.

Brand new cable. Lifetime guarantee on all programming cables.
Buy any number of additional cables at the same low price, no extra shipping required.
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