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Keyloader KVL Cable Motorola STX MX300 Portable TKN8209

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Keyloader KVL Cable for Motorola STX MX300 series portable radios
Connects directly between Motorola keyloader and radio
High-quality, high-performance replacement for Motorola TKN8209, TKN8209C, etc.

MX-style keyloader connector connects directly to all Motorola keyloaders such as the T3010, T3011, T3012, T3014, T3020, KVL3000, KVL3000+, KVL4000, etc.
For listed Motorola radios with DES, DES-XL, etc encryption capability, including:

Motorola STX- portable
Motorola MX-300 portable
Also used to clone keys between keyloaders (KVLs)

This is a new, guaranteed-to-work cable (some parts may be refurbished, depending on availability) Quality North American-manufactured rfguys.com product with a full life-time replacement warranty.

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