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Kenwood Radio Power Cable TK-730 630 760 830 860 705

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Kenwood Radio Power Cable for TK-730 630 760 830 860 705 etc radios.
Replacement for the discontinued Kenwood KCT-16 power cable.
Top quality, genuine Kenwood connectors with 14 ga. marine grade cable for termination (20").
Not prone to the resistance-heating, sparking and intermittent connection issues affecting loose-fitting aftermarket imported cables.
Power cable for TK-730(G) and other Kenwood radios, with the 'Double D' two-pole latching type connector including:

TK-705 TK-805 TK-706 TK-806 TK-709 TK-809
TK-752 TK-759 TK-852 TK-859 TK-940 TK-941
TK-630 TK-730 TK-830 TK-831 TK-930 TK-931
TK-760 TK-762 TK-768 TK-860 TK-862 TK-868
TK-840 TK-841 TK-860 TK-960 etc...
KCV-10 mobile charger

Also for: Panasonic KX-G2220 marine VHF radio

Guaranteed to fit perfectly. Original Japanese Kenwood parts, not questionable knock-offs.
Buy any quantity, no extra shipping required.

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