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Radio Power Cable for Kenwood TK-630H TK-730H TK-730H(G), Icom, Yaesu, Alinco etc

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Power Cable for Kenwood TK-630, TK-730 and TK-830 series high power (75-110W) radios.
Original OEM quality connectors with dual 14 gauge marine-grade cable for termination (approx. 20").
Quality North American made replacement for the discontinued KCT-15 and KCT-17 cables.
Also replaces Kenwood PG2Z PG2Y, Icom OPC-1380, OPC-025D, Yaesu T9023225 etc.

Not prone to the resistance-heating, sparking and intermittent connection issues affecting many loose-fitting aftermarket cables with improperly sized contacts (such as the KW2000A)

For Kenwood commercial LMR high-power mobile radios including:
TK-630H (TK630H), TK-730H (TK730H), TK-730H(G) (TK730H(G))
TK-830H (TK830H), TK-830H(G) (TK830H(G)) etc.
Also for:
Kenwood amateur radio transceiver models:
TS-50s TS-50 TS-60s TS-60 TS-120 TS-130 TS-140 TS-180
TS-430 TS-440 TS-450 TS-570 TS-690 TS-879 TS2000

FT-840 FT-847 FT-859 FT-890 FT-897 FT-920 etc.

IC-706 IC-706mkII IC-707 IC-718 (early models with 6-pin connector)
IC-720 IC-730 IC-735 IC-737 IC-738 IC-740 IC-745 IC-746 IC 751 IC-756

DX-70T DX-70TH DX-77

Guaranteed to fit perfectly, full lifetime warranty.
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