HLN9742 ELM Flash/Data Adapter Motorola GP GM HT etc Portable/Mobile Radio

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Flash Adapter for Motorola GP / GM / HT etc VHF/UHF Mobile/Portable Radios.
Connects between Motorola RIB and RKN4074 / RKN4075 or RKN4081 / RKN4083 radio cables.

High quality replacement for the discontinued HLN9742A, HLN9742B, HLN9742C and HLN9742D Flash Adapters. 

This adapter has a 3-way switch and is fully compatible with both the HLN9742A adapter (2-position on-off switch: Position A = on) and the newer HLN9742B/C/D adapters (3 position A-off-B switch). 

For flash/firmware upgrades to Motorola portable / mobile radios including:

GP portable radios
HT portable radios
GM mobile radios

DSUB 25 pin female / 25 pin male connectors with 3-way switch.
This is a brand new, tested and guaranteed-to-work adapter.
Quality North American-manufactured product with a full life-time replacement warranty. 

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