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Furuno Radar 1720 1730 1800 1900 RDP DSC-60 FM-252 Radio, Interphase Sonar Power Cable

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Top quality replacement power cable for Interphase sonar and older Furuno radar and FM transceiver units.
2-pin threaded connector with 14 ga. marine-grade cable for termination (approx 20").
Built with quality UL rated cable and quality OEM connectors.

For Furuno marine radar units / displays and VHF transceivers with the round, threaded, metal-shelled 2-pin connector, including:

Model 1721 1721 1730 1731 1750 1751 1760 1761 etc.
- including all sub-models  MII MIII Mark 2 Mark 3 
Model 1800 1900 etc. series
- including all sub-models MII MIII Mark 2 Mark 3 etc.
Radar displays FR-240 RDP-043 RDP-064 RDP-075 etc. 
- including MII MIII Mark 2 Mark 3 etc
Furuno FM VHF marine radios incl. FM-252 etc.
Furuno DSC-60, DSC-5, AA-50 etc DSC monitoring receiver

Also for:
Interphase Sea Scout / Probe / Twinscope scanning sonar units
Cybernet CTX etc marine VHF radios 

Guaranteed to fit perfectly. Made with brand-new, quality OEM parts.
Lifetime guarantee on all cable products.
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