EF Johnson RS-5300 RS5318 VHF Analog/P25 Digital Radio, HHC Control Mic, CAP ready

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Look what we just found in our warehouse! 

These US-made EF Johnson radios are ex-US Government units that were previously reserved for a large CAP project. These rock-solid radios have been the go-to choice for CAP users and 2M amateur users for years due to their proven performance, reliability, flexible programmable options, and on-the-fly front-panel programming.

These radios are in 8-10 out of 10 condition and are ready to install:

EF Johnson ES-5318 50W Rare HHC (Hand Held Control mic) configuration (aka. "Secret Service" version) VHF radio. Great for stealth installations, for your brand new Tesla or where space is limited. 136MHz-174MHz VHF capable. Tested, programmed with test channels. Ready to program with your frequencies.
- Front Panel Programming (FPP) enabled for HHC. This rare option was available only to federal government agencies. Allows field programming with no programming cable.
- Analog / P25 digital capable
- AES / DES Encryption options enabled (requires Motorola UCM module)

Accessories included:
- Power cable (short, for termination)
- External speaker pigtail/loopback connector, for internal or external speaker use
- Radio mounting bracket with hardware
- EF Johnson HHC control mic with LCD display, new mic hanger bracket
- HHC Junction Box with programming and speaker connectors., 15' remote cable
- EF Johnson remote speaker with connector for Junction Box
- RFguys.com HHC programming cable ($99.80 value, included at no charge)
- Compatible PCConfigure programming software (download)
- Complete manual set: Operation/User Manual, Installation Manual, Service Manual, PCConfigure Programming Manual (PDF downloads)

Upgrades available (limited qty.):
- Motorola UCM module (DES capable) $50
- Motorola KVL-compatible special HHC keyload cable $50 (regular $99.80)

These radios are almost impossible to find at any price these days, so they won't last long. We also have a very limited number of these radios available in Integrated Head, Remote Head, Dual Head, and 100W configuration - see our other items.

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