EF Johnson RS-5300 5318 HHC Control Mic Upgrade kit, CAP ready

EF Johnson RS-5300 5318 HHC Control Mic Upgrade kit, CAP ready

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Just found in our warehouse! 

This is a US-made EF Johnson Hand Held Controller kit left over from an earlier CAP project. These kits were previously removed from US-government service, are in 7+ out of 10 condition, tested for full functionality with a 5318 radio, and ready to install.

Rare HHC (Hand Held Control mic) option (aka. "Secret Service" version)
This can be used as a replacement for a regular remote head on any EFJ remote head radio (242-5318-xxx). Great for stealth installations, for your brand new Tesla or wherever else dash space is limited. 

- Supports Front Panel Programming (FPP, when enabled), and all other functionality of the regular head, in a compact mic format.

- EF Johnson HHC control mic (023-5300-700) with LCD display, new mic hanger bracket
- HHC Junction Box (023-5300-1340) with programming and speaker connectors., new 15' remote cable (597-2006-267 equiv.)
- EF Johnson remote speaker with bracket and connector for Junction Box (not shown, but included)
- RFguys.com HHC programming cable ($99.80 value, included at no charge)
- Compatible PCConfigure programming software (download)
- Complete manual set: Operation/User Manual, Installation Manual, Service Manual, PCConfigure Programming Manual (PDF downloads)

Upgrades available (limited qty.):
- Motorola KVL-compatible special HHC keyload cable $50 (regular $99.80)

These complete kits are almost impossible to find at any price these days, so they won't last long. Very limited number available (3).

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