Harris Tyco OpenSky M5300 M7300 XG-25M XG-75M XG-100M etc UHF VHF Radio Power Cable

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Power connector with 12 AWG marine-grade UL-rated power cable for termination to fused distribution block or similar power source (approx, 20"). Includes ignition lead (+13.8V) for radio power-on with vehicle ignition.
High quality professional-grade replacement for Harris/Tyco CA-012365-001 CA-012616-001 XZ-CA6D XT-CA6D etc.

For most newer Harris / Tyco mobile radios, repeaters, control heads etc. with the black 3-pin twist-lock type bayonet power connector including:

M5300 mobile radios
M7300 mobile radios
Harris Unity XG-25M mobile radios
Harris Unity XG-75M mobile radios
Harris Unity XG-100M mobile radios
Harris XL-185M mobile radios
Harris XL-200M mobile radios

CH-103 Radio Control head etc
CH-721 System Control Head CU23218-0004 etc
M-803 M803 OpenSky Repeater MAMROS0007 MAMROS0015 etc.
RF Combiner MAMROS0016 etc.
Vehicle Communications Hub

Guaranteed to fit perfectly. Built with quality OEM spec US-made parts and soldered connections with UL-rated copper cable. 
These are not questionable Chinese knock-offs with under spec, copper-coated aluminum "CCA" wire.

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