Maxon/Midland SD-125 V2 VHF Data Radio - APRS, packet radio, telemetry, etc.

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Maxon SD-125V2 Data Radio, 148-174MHz

    These Maxon radios are are surplus from customer telemetry project. We're shipping these with APRS channels pre-programmed for US (146.39MHz), Europe/Russia (144.8MHz) Australia (145.175MHz) and NZ (145.575MHz). The pre-programmed channels are dip-switch selectable, without any additional programming required.

    Maxon SD125 V2 5W (1W/5W selectable) VHF radio. 148MHz-174MHz. Tested, programmed with channels listed above, or program to your frequencies.

    - DSUB-9 data cable with power pigtail installed.
    - Latest Windows-based ACC-900E programming software (download).
    - User/Service Manual, complete with schematics (download).

    Accessories available:
    - Click here for compatible programming cable SKU 33111
    - Click here for compatible power cable SKU 43900
    - PolyPhase antenna surge lighting/ESD protector $20 (Regular $98, limited qty.)

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