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New! ProRIB/USB RLN4008 USB RIB replacement for Motorola Radio Programming CPS RSS

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The ProRIB/USB is a compact, self-contained professional grade USB RIB for all Motorola portable/mobile radios that use Windows-based CPS software. This brand new product was designed as the next evolution of our popular Pocket-RIB and ProRIB (RS-232 serial port) products.

Direct USB-based replacement for all versions of the Motorola RIB (Radio Interface Box): RLN4008/RLN4008A/RLN4008B/RLN4008C/RLN4008D/RLN4008E

When used with Motorola (Windows-based) CPS software, the ProRIB/USB is 100% compatible with the original Motorola RIB, but without the signal level and timing issues that have made the RLN4008 somewhat temperamental in all of its releases. The ProRIB/USB was designed in response to ongoing customer requests for a truly 100% compatible, native USB RIB without the hassle of external cables, adapters, batteries, power-supplies, etc. The ProRIB/USB is fully Motorola SB9600 bus compliant, USB bus powered, and uses the latest surface-mount parts and rail-to-rail MosFET technology for a USB RIB that works with everything, everytime, guaranteed. The ProRIB/USB is the size of a 25-pin serial adapter cable, ideal for both shop and field use. Connects directly to a PC USB port and has a 25-pin male connector for connection to standard Motorola RIB-type cables.

The ProRIB/USB is USB bus powered. No batteries, AC-adapters, mechanical switches or user intervention is required. Fewer cables means greatly reduced risk of RF-interference during programming, a common problem with the original Motorola RIB and "clones".

The ProRIB/USB will read and program any Motorola radio using CPS (Windows-based) software the corresponding RIB-type cable. Older radios using Motorola RSS (DOS-based) software will require our ProRIB serial port version (SKU 33500) which works with all RSS and CPS software. Length approx. 30".

Quality North-American made product with our unlimited lifetime warranty.

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