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GE/Ericsson M/A-Com Harris Jaguar 700P P7100 P7200 P5100 P5200 Programming Cable

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Programming Cable for GE/Ericsson Jaguar 700P and M/A-Com / Harris P7100 / P7200 / P5100 / P5200 series Portable Radios
Connects directly to PC serial port, no special programmer/adapter required!

High-quality, high-performance replacement for the GE/Ericsson TQ3392 (RPM1132472/23) cable and TQ3310/TQ3370 interface combination or RPM1132472/35 direct serial cable.

Unlike most other cables, no RIB (Radio Interface Box), batteries or 25-pin adapter is required, this connects directly to PC or laptop.
This cable has a unique proprietary RIB chip built into the connector shell.
For GE/Ericsson MA-Com Harris radios with the special 12-pin speaker-mic/programming connector, including:

GE Ericsson M/A-Com Jaguar 700P all models
M/A-Com Harris P7100 P7150 P7170 series all models
M/A-Com Harris P7200 series all models
M/A-Com Harris P5100 all models
M/A-Com Harris P5200 all models
Note: For programming the older MRK and LPE / Prism models in addition to the radios listed, our SKU 33950 cable may
also be used, however this connector is optimized for the newer radios above and recommended in most cases.
DB-9 (9 pin) serial connector, no adapter or required. Length approx 30"
This is a brand new, tested and guaranteed-to-work cable. Some components may be refurbished depending on availability.
No software is included with this cable - Programming software is readily available online.
Quality North American-manufactured professional-grade product with a full life-time replacement warranty.

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