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Midland VHF/UHF Syntech User-Programmable Module Z-273

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Brand New 320 Channel *User-Programmable* Z-273 Replacement Module for Midland SynTech I LMR Radios
Plug-in replacement for Midland p/n: Z-273, Z273, 70-273, 3566
For ALL Midland Syntech I radios using the Z-273 module including:

70-050A, 70-050B, 70-050C, 70-052A, 70-052B, 70-052C, 70-055A, 70-055B,
70-055C, 70-056A, 70-056B, 70-056C, 70-058A, 70-058B, 70-058C,
70-066A, 70-066B, 70-076A, 70-076B,
70-340A, 70-340B, 70-341A, 70-341B, 70-342AXL, 70-342BXL, 70-343A, 70-343B, 70-380A, 70-380B, 70-382B, 70-385A, 70-385B,
70-440A, 70-440B, 70-442A, 70-442B, 70-442AXL, 70-442BXL, 70-443A, 70-443B, 70-475A, 70-475B, 70-480A, 70-480B, 70-482B, 70-485A, 70-485B,
70-530A, 70-530B, 70-530C, 70-530D, 70-530E, 70-565A, 70-565B, 70-565C,
70-565D, 70-565E, 70-630A, 70-630B, 70-630C, 70-630D, 70-630E, 70-665A,
70-665B, 70-665C, 70-665D, 70-665E, 70-805B, 70-834B, 70-835B, 70-840A,
70-840B, 70-842AXL, 70-842BXL, 70-905B, 70-908, 70-909, 70-915, 70-924B,
70-930A, 70-930B, 70-930C, 70-930D, 70-930E, 70-935, 70-970, 70-980,
70-9015, 70-9035, 70-9115, 70-9135, etc.

Also the Australian A.W.A. (AWA) RT-85/RT85

This module is a brand-new product designed specifically to replace the obsolete Midland Z-273 module - unlike the original Z-273 module that required a special programmer and UV-EPROM eraser to reprogram, this module is *USER-PROGRAMMABLE* (plugs into PC parallel/printer port) and includes all required software and instructions (as a download from rfguys.com). In addition, unlike the original Z-273 module that was limited to 80 channels, this module supports up to 320 channels (4 groups of 80 channels when used with an optional group selector switch).

Module fully supports all frequency ranges including:
25 - 55 MHz
60 - 90 MHz
136 - 174 MHz
403 - 520 MHz
806 - 866 MHz
900 - 930 MHz

PL tones can be programmed individually per channels on TX an RX.
This module comes pre-programmed with 80 standard 2-meter channels but can easily be reprogrammed as many times as required.

The Midland Syntech I LMR radio platform is widely acknowledged to be one of the most bullet-proof and reliable designs ever, with audio quality unsurpassed even by newer, much more expensive radios. Syntech I radios are still in commercial use worldwide and are highly sought-after by 2-meter and 6-meter amateur operators. This module adds the functionality of a full 320 channels and the convenience of user-programmability to these remarkable radios.

Brand-new with lifetime warranty.

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