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Kenwood Radio Power Cable TK-790H TK-890H TK-690H TK-5710H NX-800 NX-800 etc

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Power Cable for Kenwood TK-790H TK-890H TK-690H and TK-5x10H series mobile radios.
High quality North American made replacement for Kenwood KCT-23 KCT-23M2 KCT-23M4 etc power cable.
Genuine Kenwood connector with dual 14 gauge marine-grade cable for termination (approx 20").
Not prone to the resistance-heating, sparking and intermittent connection issues affecting many loose-fitting aftermarket imported cables.
Replaces Kenwood PG-20 etc.
For most newer Kenwood high-power mobile radios including:

TK-790H (TK790H), TK-890H (TK890H), TK-690H (TK690H)
TK-5710H (TK5710H), TK-5810H (TK5810H) etc.
NX-700 NX800 etc.

Also fits many newer Kenwood amateur transceiver models.
Guaranteed to fit perfectly. Built with original Japanese Kenwood parts, not questionable knock-offs.
Lifetime replacement guarantee on all cable products.
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