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Kenwood TK-630/TK-730/TK-830 KCH-5 160ch Upgrade Kit

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160 Channel Upgrade Kit for Kenwood TK-630/730/830 VHF/UHF
Mobile Radios:
Upgrade the KCH-3 basic head from 32 to 99 channels,
or the KCH-4 alphanumeric head from 32 to 160 channels!
Equivalent to the now-discontinued Kenwood KCH-5 upgrade kit.

This complete, ready-to-install kit with instructions consists of two small chips, one plugs into a socket in the radio, the other into the control head. (The KCH-3 head requires the chip to be soldered in, no soldering required for the KCH-4 alphanumeric head).
For Kenwood "TK-630/730/830" series mobile radios, including:

TK-630H TK-630H(G) and all sub-models/configurations
TK-730 TK-730H TK-730H(G) TK-730(G) and all sub-models/configurations
TK-830 TK-830H TK-830H(G) TK-830(G) and all sub-models/configurations

In addition to upgrading the KCH-3 head from 32 to 99 channels, the KCH-3 head will also be upgraded from a 2-digit 32-ch display to 2-character, 99-ch alphanumeric display.
Note: Dual-head or dual-band radio configurations will require two kits.
This is a brand new, tested and guaranteed-to-work kit.

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